Wow! What a Ride!

Sara-Lynn Reynolds

We worked our tails off and for those of you that joined in on the campaign trail, I cannot thank you enough.

The last day was exhilarating - and although we ran short of winning by 158 votes, we came away knowing that a small group of like-minded people and friends can compete. My days as a coach and a competitor have prepared me for one winner - on Tuesday, September 9 we were not the winner of the Primary, but we were winners in every sense of the word!

It was an amazing experience. We invested in ourselves; We learned a lot; We ran a clean, no nonsense race and campaign; We can all be extremely proud; We can hold our heads high! 


For your support, your friendship, and your desire to have a government of the people, by the people and for the people 

I appreciate all that you have done for me and this campaign.
Always and with Best Wishes,


 Her campaign came up a few votes short, but Sara-Lynn Reynolds said Wednesday that running for state Senate was a great experience that she will never regret.

She said she will not ask for a recount.

Reynolds, an Attleboro Democrat, lost her primary fight against Dylan Hayre of Natick Tuesday by a mere 158 votes out of about 9,000 ballots cast.

She said she is grateful she got such strong support in the Attleboro area, winning her hometown with 75 percent of the vote, but the more northern towns in the district were her undoing.

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Hayre Edges Reynolds in State Senate Race

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Sara-Lynn Reynolds and her team spent Primary Day stopping by the polls throughout the Norfolk-Bristol-Middlesex Senate District.

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